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7 tips for diabetics to reduce swelling in the feet

7 tips for diabetics to reduce swelling in the feet

So many diabetic people are suffering from the complaint of swelling in the feet and also legs. The main reason for this type of problem is, improper blood circulation and damaged blood capillaries as a result of increased pressure. The capillaries which are damaged may cause peripheral oedema, leakage of fluids into the surrounding tissues, which may cause swelling. But, there are several other reasons that could cause swelling in the feet. Therefore proper diagnosis is important.

Sometimes swelling can indicate a problem such as heart, liver, or kidney disease.  If your ankles are swelling in the evening then it could be due to right side heart failure. Poor circulation is one of the main reasons why wounds in diabetic patients don’t heal quickly. In this article we are giving seven tips for diabetics to reduce swelling in the feet.

1. Exercise regularly:

Every doctor says you need to do exercise regularly which will improve bone and joint health in your feet and also in legs, it improves circulation to your legs and will also help to stabilize the blood sugar levels. But you need to consult doctor prior to beginning any exercise program. You should not practice rigorously as it can lead to exercise induced oedema.

2. Elevate your legs:

You need to do elevation of feet above the heart level by using a support or a pillow for at least 10-15 minutes every day it will help you to reduce swelling. Elevation drains out the excess fluid from the surrounding tissues and also improves circulation.

3. Use compression stockings and also bandages:

There are so many compression products that are widely available for foot care in diabetics, where they exert pressure on the affected area and also help to get rid of fluid retention. Increase in the external pressure may cause the fluid to return into the lymphatic system which also improves the circulation of blood.

4. Reduce salt intake:

Dietary changes will help you a lot in reducing swelling. Diabetic people should consume less salt and should eat food that is naturally low in sodium because salt increases the blood pressure and also triggers swelling in the feet.

5. Wear comfortable shoes:

People who are having diabetes should avoid wearing tight shoes. It’s better to buy shoes that are larger than one size so that even if your feet start swelling, circulation won’t reduce totally. And also women who are having diabetes should avoid wearing high heels.

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6. Coriander seeds:

This is one of the popular Ayurvedic treatments for the swollen feet. Coriander seeds are anti-inflammatory in nature and they reduce swelling. You need to add 2 to 3 teaspoon of coriander seeds to a cup of water and boil it until the quantity reduces to half and then strain the solution, let it cool slightly and drink up. You need to repeat this twice a day to increase the blood circulation and to reduce the swelling of feet.

7. Cucumber and lemon water:

You have to increase the intake of your fluid to dilute the salt in your system. Instead of simply drinking water to flush things out, you can add a few slices of cucumber and lemon to the water, because both cucumber and lemon have anti-inflammatory properties which will help you to get rid of swollen feet.

Although swelling of feet and leg are the common symptoms of diabetic patients, where it can often lead to other complications like infections which are due to injury, foot ulcers, gangrene and many more. Therefore all the diabetics should make it a point to notify all the physical changes they notice in themselves to their doctors. Here we have given some of the tips for the diabetics to reduce swelling in the feet.

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