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9 Tips on How to stay fit as you Age

9 Tips on How to stay fit as you Age

Ageing is common for everyone and no one can skip ageing. As you get older and older, you get rewarding benefits such as experience, understanding, wisdom, patience and many more. As well with these benefits you may also figure out how your body movement changes and behaves.

As you age, it’s not only about living longer. It’s also about staying healthy and happily longer. But when your body doesn’t move or look as it did when you were in 30s and 40s, you think of accepting that you are ageing. Instead, you can stay healthy and positive and transform your experience of ageing to a happy one by following some of the steps mentioned below. And the usage of herbal natural ayurvedic products in the beginning can help you to keep healthier and stronger as you get old.

Stay positive

One of the best ways to stay healthy is having a positive mental attitude. Surround yourself with positive people and also be one yourself for a healthier and happier life. Research shows that people who are cheerful and active are likely to live an average of 7.5 years longer. Let go of negative emotions like anger, guilt, grief and shame and try to be happy more often. Negativity creates stress which in-turn affects your health and well-being.

Watch what you eat and drink

Having a balanced diet is crucial to maintain good health, energy and helps in preventing illness. Maintain your diet with some low saturated fat, with lots of fruits and vegetables, oily fish and some small amounts of low-fat dairy. Also dehydration makes you feel tired and confused, so drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Avoid sugary fizzy drinks and stay hydrated with green tea and fruit juice.

Stay Active

To stay strong and healthy, exercise daily. Doing exercise daily helps in lowering your risk of obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even cancer. Also make a habit of daily walk, which can help in retaining mobility and mental sharpness as you age. By exercising, you can also keep your bones strong and it also helps in releasing depression fighting serotonin.

Take care of your feet

This is also an important thing because as you age your feet becomes weak and many infectious diseases occurs. Therefore, take care of your feet by applying moisturizer to prevent dry skin. Also make sure your footwear fits and supports your feet properly. If your feet become painful, feel very hot or cold or ingrown nails, it’s better to contact your general physician.

Explore ways to stay fit

Researches have proved that fitness not only can make your life filled with happiness and satisfaction at any age, but it can also reduce age related issues such as heart disease, chronic pain, fatigue and also short term memory loss. By maintaining a fit body, you can keep your body and mind active, increasing your happiness and well-being and also you can stay engaged with your wonderful experiences of everyday life.

Mental fitness

Mental fitness is also very important as physical fitness. You have to strengthen and improve your emotional and psychological fitness as you age. You can maintain your mental fitness by fun-filled mindfulness exercises such as yoga, tai chi and Pilates. Have good and happy social connections with your family and friends. This helps in reduced risk of depression and anxiety and reduced perceptions of pain.

Give up smoking

If you have a habit of smoking, then it’s good to give up smoking. If you don’t know what damage smoking can cause your body, then here is a list of problems you can get from smoking: heart disease, lung cancer, bronchitis and many more. So by giving up smoking, help your body and brain to function normally. Also by giving up smoking you can increase your life span, your lung capacity, and your circulation regardless your age.

Try something new

Your brain never stops learning. Give your brain more function by trying out new things you have never tried before. It may be anything like travelling to new places or learning a new computer skill, visiting a new museum every week and many more. It helps you in cultivating curiosity in life and by this you open the door of healthier and happier life journey.

Stay connected

Studies prove that when people get older and they face new technologies and things they can no longer try, they become more depressed and think about them as useless. So make sure to connect your friends socially, meet your friends regularly, and check on the internet for social groups in your area.

These are some of the interesting tips you need to know to stay fit and happy as you age. It’s difficult to control every physical change in your body as you age, but you can control your outlook and lifestyle by following some life changing choices. Also, the common diseases nowadays like diabetes, joint and muscle pain, liver problems and many more can be prevented with the good practices. If you are already aged & not followed the good health routine and suffering from some health  issues, the better choice to get rid of those problems is the usage of ayurvedic medicine ,which can help to keep your health balanced and make you to stay happy.  MITVANA STORES, an online store is offering all types of ayurvedic herbal products online.You can buy MITVANA products at

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