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Best Natural Home remedies for cough

Best Natural Home remedies for cough

Coughing is perfectly normal. It is a natural response for irritation or a blocked airway. It helps in keeping your throat clear from phlegm and other irritants. However, continuous coughing can also be a warning for number of conditions such as allergy, viral infection and many more. And painful coughing may be caused due to bacterial and viral infections.

There are a lot of medicines you can use to treat cough, cold, Allergies and sinus infections. However, bacterial infections may require antibiotics. Opting for ayurvedic medicines or home remedies is better than going to chemical products to cure coughing. So, here we have listed some of the home remedies which can help you to get rid of coughing.


Honey is one of the best home remedy for sore throat. Honey is known to relieve cough more effectively than other home medicines.

Add 2 teaspoons of honey in warm water or herbal tea with a little lemon. Lemon juice helps in congestion and honey does the soothing. If you are interested, you can also simply eat a spoonful of honey or spread it on bread for a snack.


Ginger helps in relief of non-stop coughing, congestion and also sore throat. Take small slices of ginger and crush it slightly and boil it with a cup of water. Drink this herbal solution three to four times a day to get instant relief. You can also eat direct fresh raw ginger on and off throughout the day.


It is one of the simplest and easiest home remedy for cough. Inhaling the strong vapours of onion can help stop coughing. To get instant relief you can also make a cough syrup from baked onion juice, comfrey tea and honey and drink it daily. You can also make a mixture of one-half teaspoon of onion juice with one teaspoon of pure honey and have this atleast twice a day to get rid of cough and soothe your throat.

Carrot juice

Carrots can relieve various symptoms of cough due to its rich vitamins and proteins. Make use of four to five carrots and make a fresh juice and add some water to dilute it. You can also add some honey to add taste and flavour. Drink the juice for about four to five times until the symptom reduces.


Yes, pineapple is also one of the remedy to get rid of cough. The stem of pineapple has an enzyme called Bromelain which helps in suppressing cough as well as loosens the mucus in your throat. You can drink 3.5 ounces of fresh pineapple juice three times a day or eat a slice of pineapple to get the most of Bromelain content. Also, there are claims that it also helps in relieving sinusitis and allergy based sinus issues. However, there are no researches to prove it.


Peppermint is known for its healing properties which help in soothing the throat and acts as decongestant which helps in breaking down mucus. You can benefit from its uses, by drinking peppermint tea or by inhaling peppermint vapours from steam bath. Add 3 or 4 drops of peppermint oil to 150 ml of boiling water then drape a towel over your head and take deep breathes directly above the water.

Salt water gargle

Well, it’s a simple remedy which helps in reducing scratchy throat that causes you to cough. Take ¼ to ½ spoon of salt and mix it in 8 ounces of warm water and gargle with it to relieve irritation. It’s not good for children especially under the age of 6 as they are not good at gargling. So you can opt for any other remedy for this age group.

As prevention is better than cure, learn how to prevent cough in the first place. Avoid contacting sick people in work or school which can help to avoid infectious diseases like cough. Above mentioned are some of the tips which help you in reducing cough. Washing your hands frequently helps you to get rid of harmful infectious diseases.

When you reach the situation where you need to go for medicine apart from home remedies it is good to go for ayurvedic medicines. MITVANA STORES are one of the leading producers and marketers of such ayurvedic Herbal products which are good for health and will not cause any side effect. Buy Tusease Syrup which is the best remedy for all cough problems @

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