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Breast Feeding: The Ultimate Natural Vaccine

Breast Feeding: The Ultimate Natural Vaccine

According a report published in an American journal, more than 3 million children under the age of five die of undernutrition every year and only one simple solution can save the life of at least 50% children and that is Breastfeeding.

During this research it was observed that longer you breastfeed, higher is the IQ and lower is the mortality rate. These children also have less chance of any serious infection. The problem is not so much with children of mothers staying at home in comparison to children of working mother who do not get enough time at home to start or continue breastfeeding.

In a new ground breaking new research shows that Govt should strictly regulate the baby milk formula producing companies. The massive promotional activities of these products are seriously hampering the health of the new born babies in developing countries. No infant formula can substitute mother’s milk which can help protect the child against deadly infection. Mother also gets benefitted by breastfeeding. She can retain the port-partum weight; it helps in breaking down fats accumulated during pregnancy so she looks slimmer. It also reduces her exposure to estrogen hormone, delays ovulation and so prevents unwanted pregnancy, cuts the risk of ovarian cancer. Sometimes there is this misconception that by breastfeeding mother may lose more calcium and may increase chances of osteoporosis but interestingly recent studies have shown that breastfeeding increases chances of re-mineralization of bone.

Tips for breastfeeding mothers:

Mothers who are breastfeeding will need more nutrition to adequately supply nutrition to her baby otherwise both of them will have deficiency of essential nutrients.


The new born babies are in growth phase and require lots of essential nutrients like proteins. Mother would need them for baby’s growth and also to heal herself. Liquids: Drinking enough liquids is essential for the mother that helps in milk production. Less intake of water can reduce milk output.

Whole grains:

Mothers should take enough whole grains and fibers since they are nutritious and easily digestible.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Fresh leafy vegetables and fruits should be part of her daily diet. It provides enough vitamins and minerals and also many anti-oxidants. They also help in producing enough milk and also helps in good let down. Consume Green leafy vegetables and fruits daily in order to get lots of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are essential for baby’s growth and brain development.

Herbs that increase breast milk:

Fenugreek– One the most effective herbs known since time immemorial for increasing breast milk production. While feeding actives of this herb can relieve gas and digestive problems in babies.

Moringa – The whole plant of Moringa has very high nutritive value. It not only supplies nutrition to mothers but also increases milk supply. Thus this plant supports both mother and baby in term of health and nutrition.

Shatavari – Shatavari is also known to increase breast milk.

Fennel – this herb is great for increasing breast milk production, and at the same time it is also extremely helpful along with Fenugreek to solve the gas and indigestion problem in both mother and baby.

this herb helps in increasing breast milk in nursing mothers. It basically acts on Prolactin hormone to increase milk secretion in breast. This herb is also very useful in balancing hormones in nursing mothers and thus relieves premenstrual symptoms in them.

Alfalfa– Very rich in proteins and a great herb for increasing breast milk. It contains vitamins and minerals and a source of chlorophyll. Alfalfa should be taken at least 6 weeks before birth and can be continued after birth.


Mothers who are breastfeeding should strictly avoid oily and spicy food, aerated drinks, tea and coffee. Cigarettes, Alcohol should also be avoided.

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