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Face Washing Tips and Mistakes

Face Washing Tips and Mistakes

Washing face may look simple, by just splashing some water to your face, rub in a little cleanser and rinse. But to get a soft and nourishing skin on your face you need to take little care for your skin. Face cleansing is essential and it should be done in the right way. You have to take care while washing your face because face washing mistakes do spoil skin to the core.

If you are trying to use some cleansing lotion, make sure that you will apply it completely on the dry skin and rub it for a few seconds. Stop that skin spoiling face cleansing methods and do the right thing. In this article we are giving some of the tips for face washing. Have a look into the best face washing practices.

Face washing tips:

1. Right skin care product:

You need to choose the correct cleanser according to your skin type. You have to think about your skin whether you have oily & acne skin, then you have to go for face cleansers which are suitable for oily skin type. Acne or oily skin needs mild herbal face wash or cleansers. Buy less foaming and fragrance free natural face wash products. High fragrance and foaming face washes spoil skin health. Use MITVANA skin care products for best results.

2. Right water temperature:

When you are washing your face you have to take care of the water temperature which is an important factor while washing face. You should prefer mild warm or cold water for face wash. Hot water face washing is one of the worst skin care mistake. You should use clean and hygienic water to maintain a good skin health.

3. Frequent face washing:

Face washing often is recommended for skin health. You need to wash your face at least 3-4 times a day. Cleansing face before bed time is essential. You have to use the same face wash all through the day. Change your face wash according to your skin type and also climate type. Use MITVANA STORES online where you find all types of face washes for all types of skin and climate. After face wash you should apply moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. You have to avoid stepping out to sun immediately after cleansing the face. Use the best MITVNA Day Creams for best sun protection.

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4. Don’t over cleanse:

Most of the people cleanse face two to three times at one shot. If you are washing face 2-3 times in a single shot it is one of the worst skin care mistakes. You can wash face frequently at regular intervals of time. But, you have to avoid washing multiple times in a single wash. It damages your skin and also makes skin dull and dry.  It is a very important thing in face washing.

5. Right Pat

While washing your face never rub face badly. Because it spoils skin layer and affects skin to the core. Touch your skin lightly with soft cotton towels. Learn this useful face washing tip and mistake for right skin care. Don’t rub or wipe vigorously. Use moisturizer according to your skin type after 5 minutes of face wash.

6. No Facewash for Makeup Removal

You should not use face washes as make up removals. Use cleansing milk or toner or any good moisturizer for removing make up. After removing the makeup wash your face with best face wash for your skin type. Makeup remover and face wash is not the same thing. If you are sporting a full face foundation, one wash will not work to remove make up clearly, a double cleanse is needed. So, start with a remover, which will take off the top layer of the makeup and then follow with the face wash of your choice, which will actually cleanse your skin.

7. Use face wash regularly

By replacing your face wash with some home cleansers like curd or milk won’t work effectively. Better you can try natural face cleansers just for facial or cleansing purpose. But they are not actually recommended for face washing. Face washes are best and also effective so use it smartly. You should use soap-free and skin pH balancing face washes.

Hope you have got some good tips to follow when you are washing your face. Make sure that you will avoid these above 7 mistakes and you will follow the tips which are explained in this article. Adjust your routine to ensure you are not wasting your time while cleansing. We at MITVANA STORES sell herbal beauty products specially manufactured using a blend of natural herbal extracts. MITVANA STORES sells online herbal products in the category of Facecare, Bodycare, Haircare & Men’s care products. To know more about us visit

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