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Natural skin care techniques during winter

Natural skin care techniques during winter

During winter your skin gets exposed to the effects of the cold & dryness; it may require a change in our skin care routine. So in this article we are explaining some of the natural skin care techniques that keep your skin fresh and soft.

Keep your skin, hair and nails fresh and alive this winter with these 10 natural beauty tips. Most of the following natural beauty tips can be practiced without spending any extra money. These ingredients you already have in your pantry.

1. Stay hydrated:

You have to keep your body hydrated, so that your skin will naturally follow suit. If you have difficulty in remembering to drink water, make a habit out of it by just simply setting a reminder in your phone or try something silly as: you drink water every time you glance at the digital clock and the last digit is an odd digit.

2. Swap your moisturizer:

You should use a rich, oil based moisturizer in the winter months, so that it will help to seal water in your skin and keeps your skin more moisturized than the winter based face lotions. You should always choose organic and natural skin care products to keep your skin soft and fresh in the winter season.

3. Hydrate with a humidifier:

During winter season the humidity will be low, but your furnace can decrease the humidity as well. You need to invest on a good humidifier to keep the place throughout your home moistured. You can use best body lotion for dry skin to keep your skin smooth and moisturized.

4. Munch on veggies:

To keep yourself and your skin hydrated you need to take a perfect snack of cucumbers and celery. They naturally contain a lot of water; this will be the perfect snack for your skin. To boost your vitamins A, B and E as well as iron, orange & yellow veggies such as sweet potatoes, carrots and red peppers will be great for your skin, due to antioxidant and beta-carotene. You should eat some spinach and other dark leafy greens.

5. Get your omega-3 fats:

If top of your hands are not soft and smooth, this may indicate that you are having a deficiency in omega-3 fats. You have to find this essential fatty acid in salmon, olive oil and also in walnuts. You have to be sure to choose the organic vegetables & nuts and stick with the wild-caught Alaskan salmon.

6. Avoid chemical filled soaps:

Skin is not only the largest organ but it is highly permeable which means that what you put on your skin will be likely going into your body and also to the bloodstream. Plus, antibacterial soaps, skin care products which contain alcohol and also the fragrance filled soaps strip your skin of natural oils. You should choose the natural and organic soaps and also fragrances. Rather than natural oils, choose essential oils.

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7. Turn down the heat:

Every one of us feels great to slip into the tub of hot water during winter season. But some of us will have the habit of overdoing that with the high temperature of water. The heat of the water which is mixed with your soap depletes the natural oils on your skin that may cause it to dry very faster. When you get out of the water and your skin is red and itchy, then this will be a sign that the water is drying out from your skin.

8. Dab on some coconut oil:

Virgin organic coconut oil serves as a very highly effective product for your skin care. Because coconut oil fights against the free radical damage, which is possibly due to high levels of ferulic and also the p-coumaric acid contained in it. Its natural antioxidant properties keep your skin look youthful.

9. Sip pomegranate juice:

You have to sip pomegranate juice because this bright red fruit will be packed with the polyphenol antioxidants, which fight against the free radicals and also prevent cell aging. You can use ayurvedic medicine to have healthy and natural skin.

10. Gently exfoliate:

As body ages, its own natural ability to generate new layer of skin slows down. Gentle exfoliation will remove all the old skin cells and will reveal the fresh & glowing skin.

These are some of the techniques for the natural skin care during winter. MITVANA STORES sells herbal beauty products online which are currently selling in the international markets. All seasons’ skincare products are available at MITVANA STORES. MITVANA Body Butter for Very Dry Skin which suites the skin for all seasons, removes your skin dryness and keeps it glowing and healthy. Buy our MITVANA products @

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