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We at Matxin Labs (manufacturers of the Pharmaceutical range & the Personal care range) have three passions: herbs, research & quality. We are very paranoid when it comes to quality. That is our mainstay and we don’t compromise on that. The pharmaceutical range has been created with a lot of research, testing and clinical trials. Our company draws a lot of knowledge from our founder, and it takes a lot of time for each product introduction.

Our endeavour is to develop pharmaceutical products which will ease the life of people on a daily basis, by harnessing the bounty which we have in nature in the form of herbs and harnessing it with modern science.

Go ahead and explore…

We caution that the information given here on the products should not be used to do self-diagnosis and self- medication. One has to go to a medical doctor for professional advice and course of treatment decided by him /her.

Cardio Vascular



Kids Health

Kidney and Urinary Tract


Men's Health




Respiratory Tract


Women's Health

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