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The most important feature of dry skin is that it remains dry, tight and flaky throughout the day, irrespective of the season. This cause for this type of skin could be hereditary, environmental or hormonal. Drinking less water, excessive intake of alcohol, coffee could be some of the aggravating factors for people having dry skin.


Normal or combination skin have oily forehead and nose but dry cheeks. They are not prone to acne and pimples and have well moisturized t-zone.


Skin more prone to acne and pimples are people with oily skin. Excessive oil secreted by the glands causes all the pores to be congested and clogged. They are also prone to develop dark spots on the face. However, the happy news is that they look younger; less chance of developing wrinkles, skin is moist with natural moisture.


This type of skin is the most difficult one to manage. It becomes tough to determine which ingredient in the product is causing irritation and inflammation. People with very sensitive skin should first try a product on their inner part of the forearm and if there is no irritation or redness then apply to the area behind one of the ears. If there is still no reaction then they can safely use it on their face.

How to treat your skin?

Dry skin should be treated carefully. The dead skin should be removed carefully with a gentle exfoliator like Mitvana face scrub. The non-abrasive ingredients in this product helps remove dead skin without removing natural oils secreted by the skin. Once the dead cells are removed, serums and moisturizers can be absorbed quickly. Natural actives like Aloe vera, Chamomile are very effective in restoring the skin moisture in dry skin people. They help smooth and hydrate your skin evenly and effectively.

The major challenge for persons with normal or combination skin is to maintain moisture of the face without too much oil. These people often complain of dryness on the cheeks and oiliness on and around the t-zone. So they require a moisturizer which is not too oily but can retain moisture for a longer duration of time. A gentle exfoliation can maintain both the t-zone and the cheek well balanced. Moisturizers with a gel-like texture are absorbed more quickly and less likely to cause breakouts. Start with a small amount and increase as needed to avoid over-moisturizing and stressing the skin.

Different skin type and how to take care of them

Combination Skin Type

Majority of people have combination skin since there are more sebaceous glands (glands that produce oil) around our nose than other areas of our face. This type of skin experiences oiliness around the t-zone and dryness in other areas of the face.

How to care for it: People with this type of skin should use mild cleansers and moisturizers for the dry areas of the face while stronger cleanser to remove oil from the t-zone.

Sensitive Skin Type

Some people have wrong concept that they have a sensitive skin just because they had one or two skin reaction to a particular product. It may be possible that the product used had some bad and inferior quality ingredients that might have caused the reaction. Sensitive skin reacts to any product applied and always remains irritated and uncomfortable. Very often there are breakouts and red patches.

How to care for it: Sensitive skin is the most difficult and delicate type of skin for any skin care products. Patch tests should be performed before using skin care products. Products without fragrances, alcohol and menthol should preferably be used. Harsh scrubs pumice stones should never be used.  Always use lukewarm water for cleaning the face.

Normal Skin Type

Persons with normal skin have neither too dry nor too oily skin. People with normal skin have soft texture with a well defined t-zone which turns oily in hot and humid summer months but remains oil free rest of the year.

How to care for it: Since the skin is well balance, any light moisturizing lotion and any normal cleanser will help. No special precaution is required.

Oily Skin type

People with oily skin face serious problem of blackheads and pimples. They have large pores which are clogged with sebum, as a result the skin looks shiny and thick complexion. Since they produce enough oil, hydration is never an issue.

How to care for it: Cleansing is the key to oily face and avoiding heavy creams and emollients is advised for minimizing the appearance of oil. Look for oil-free sunscreens and lotions, use Mitvana skincare product for oily acne prone skin. As well so that you don’t inadvertently add more oil to your skin.

Dry Skin Type

Persons with dry skin have very small pores and a tight skin. Skin is less elastic, dull looking with visible line all over the face. Especially in winter months they often face problem of flaking. How to care for it: Rich and thick moisturizers are the only solutions for people with dry skin. Products like Mitvana body butter for dry skin is ideal for dry skin people. It should be applied at least twice a day especially during winter months. It keeps moisturizes the skin and keep the skin hydrated for a longer period of time.

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