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Top 9 Natural solutions for Beauty Problems

Top 9 Natural solutions for Beauty Problems

Natural solutions are the best solutions for all kinds of skin problems. As they are extremely free from all the chemicals and side effects and also it has an added advantage of healthy and glowing skin. This is a best solution, as you will find all the needed remedies in your own kitchen pantry. You can also buy natural personal care products online from some professional companies. So here we have listed some of the best body care tips which can help you restore your natural beauty.


To prevent further damage, treating skin tanning at the earliest is important. Opting natural remedies for tanning of skin can give you better results than your sunscreen. Yogurt which has rich lactic acid is an excellent anti-tanning agent. Take a bowl of yogurt and apply it on the affected area and leave it for about half an hour, then rinse it with water. You can also use tomato as a natural sun screen which helps in preventing sunburn and helps in reducing ageing process.

You can also use MITVANA Day Cream with UV Protection with hibiscus and Licorice extracts which helps in preventing hyper-pigmentation and makes your skin look younger.

Chapped lips

Change in the weather or change in your body’s natural pH can cause dryness in your lips which leads to cracking and even bleeding from the lips. It is important to remove the dead skin cells that give them a dry appearance by hydrating your lips. You can use brown sugar as a remedy. Take a tablespoon of brown sugar with 2 tablespoon of coconut oil and blend it until it becomes a thick paste. Apply the mixture on your lips for 15 minutes and rinse it with warm water.  Use this method every day to get faster results.

Dry skin

Dry skin is a common complaint especially in winter time. Add 5 tablespoons of sugar with one lemon juice and one table spoon of olive oil. Apply it with your hands on your skin massaging lightly. The natural alpha hydroxy fruit acids present in lemon loosen the skin dead cells and sugar helps in cleaning the pores and increases cell turnover. Olive oil which is rich in vitamin E nourishes and conditions skin.

Use MITVANA Body Butter for dry skin to prevent water loss and skin irritation. The main ingredients are Indian frankincense and mango butter extracts help in maintaining the hydration of skin.


The most common skin problem that affects both men and women is Acne. Acne can not only appear on the face like small pimples or blackheads, it can also appear in other areas such as arms and back.  Aloe Vera is the good remedy to prevent Acne. It helps in fighting bacteria that causes acne. It also helps in improving appearance of your skin. With 3 drops of tea tree oil, add two tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel and mix to make a cream. Apply the mixture to the affected area and rinse it after 20 minutes.

MITVANA’s Acne and pimple gel helps in reducing pimples caused due to Acne and also pain caused by it. All products are 100% herbal and is a natural remedy for all your beauty problems.

Frizzy Hair

Another annoying beauty problem is Frizzy hair. It makes your whole head fluffy, when you are trying to style. Take 1 ripe half avocado and mix it with 1 tablespoon of olive oil until you have a smooth, creamy blend. Massage the blend throughout your scalp when your hair is wet. Rinse it after 20 minutes.

MITVANA store has variety of hair care products online which can help you in making your hair silky smooth, reducing hair fall.

Skin spots

The main reasons for skin spots are frequent sun exposure and hormonal changes. It can be removed easily by simple lightening and exfoliating treatment.  Take 1 lemon with 3 teaspoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of olive oil to make a mixture. Apply this mixture where you have troublesome spots before going to shower. Rinse it with warm water after 10 minutes.

Wrinkles around the eyes

With this simple home remedy you can fight the signs of ageing. Add 3 tablespoons of raw milk with 3 tablespoons of honey and heat the mixture lightly. Apply the mixture around the eyes and after around 30 minutes rinse it off with water. For best results repeat the process for atleast thrice a week.

Dark elbows and knees

Are you worried about your elbows and knees displaying a different shade than the rest of your skin? Don’t worry; you can bring back your natural skin tone with the help of lime juice. Simply rub the wedges of the lemon over your elbows and knees and let it there for around 20 minutes. Afterwards scrub it out with the help of a towel soaked in hot water.


These are some of the natural remedies you can try it out in home. Even though it might take a longer time to see results it is more efficient than chemical solutions. MITVANA STORE provides personal care products online which are 100% herbal and Ayurvedic. It is a one stop shop for all skin care products and herbal care products online. Know more about the products @

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